These are some of the business principles shared by the founding partners, the new generation, collaborators and clients.


Looking back over the 50 years of history, Boix and Pérez Morgan agree that taking full responsibility is essential. Delegating is not an option; we have to face up to the situations. A well-constructed building is founded on diligence, good materials, subcontractors and a solid architectural project.


The founders tell us that they don’t like seeing "skeletons" (unfinished buildings) with Norte's information boards displayed in front of a construction site. To avoid that, they strive to finish the constructions on time, sometimes going an extra mile beyond the contract requirements, as well as accepting realistic projects which are buildable within the established deadlines, in order to prevent divergences that might arise in the future.

Customised attention

This is one of the company's strengths, generated and sustained by its founders and upheld by the new generation. Investors and architectural planning firms value the fact that the managers and those who now continue with the family legacy, will continue to face up to problems should these arise in a construction project.

Reputation management

For Norte, a construction project is not finished when the last brick has been laid. The company remains available to any need that might arise once the construction stage is over. In order to comply with this principle, Norte sets realistic goals and follows up on these, entirely committed with their fulfilment.

Our people

One of the Norte’s pillars is its team of professionals and staff, all of whom share the same values and mission. On-going training is provided in the different areas of the company’s horizontal structure, where each person has the capacity to switch roles, contributing and adding knowledge and experience in order to achieve the best possible results.

Constant innovation

From the outset Norte has focused on the constant innovation of both machinery and technology, using state-of-the-art equipment and spearheading Uruguay’s construction industry.


Pioneers in the development and implementation of the SEGLICO Hygiene, Safety and Human Resources Management System.


Renewable energy: installation of photovoltaic panels; Norte’s own solar power generation system.


Application of the PMP principles as a guide throughout the project initiation, monitoring, control and closing processes.


First construction firm in Punta del Este to obtain Quality Management System Certification according to UNIT-ISO 9001:2000 Standards.


Pioneers in the use and development of budgeting and management software.