If we were to highlight something from the company’s past 50 years, this would be the pride of having created and maintained a family enterprise in Uruguay.

"The incorporation of the younger generation brought fresh air into a company that already had quite a long history. Young people bring not only new insights and knowledge but also technological change. With them we rapidly gained access to those changes".

"We have to assume the highest level of responsibility. You cannot delegate, then worry about those things and see that they are carried out. We have to use good materials, work with good contractors, and have a good project. You have to be present".

"Customer loyalty is not achieved through words but rather responding to requirements. Saying “yes, we can” despite everything".

Patricio Pérez Morgan

"We never had conflicting relationships with our clients, even when this industry is in itself prone to conflict".

"It was important to reject projects that we felt we would be unable to implement properly. We preferred to say no. It is important to know when to say 'no'. This implies responsibility because we know we will be unable to do things correctly".

Félix Boix Irisarri

Second generation

The members of Norte Construcciones’second generation maintain that the business values they learnt were not received in the form of orders or mandates but rather became internalised when seeing their parents in action.

"The founders conveyed the importance of the concept of ‘effort’ as a value. They are austere, they do not squander because it cost them a lot to achieve this. We view their sacrifice as an example".

Candela Boix

"The company must provide the corresponding safety elements and ensure that people use them properly. Yet our task does not finish there: we must provide training, training and training".

"The only way to minimise risks is if all parties (workers and employees) are aligned and seriously committed to safety issues".

"One of the fundamental pillars of the company is its human team and teamwork. At Norte we listen to all opinions and take all contributions into account".

"Every day new challenges arise and decisions have to be made. From the founders we learnt that if things are done properly, they pay off".

"We provide after-sales support. We respond personally and learn a lot in the process, thus minimising repeating mistakes in the future".

"For me, Patricio and Tito have set an example in everything: With their life experience, through their dedication to the company and their family. They made big sacrifices ever since they started out".

"We stand out for our personalised attention. We can be contacted directly at any time of the day. We are deeply involved with every project and if and when issues arise we feel as if they were our own".

Damián Boix

"The important thing is the resolve with which issues are dealt with. Being self-critical and trying to learn how to improve. If one lacks self-criticism, it is very difficult to achieve self-development".

"Norte would not be what it is without the people who work for us. The company stands out for doing things properly, and if we make a mistake, we figure out a way to solve it. This is also something we convey: if we have to do things five times until they finally turn out as they should, then we will do so".

"We are Norte, 'la Norte', as our company is referred to. When people choose us, trust comes in first. Price too, because, even if you have a reputation, prestige, standards, if you are not competitive, it can be very difficult".

"What clients value most is honesty. We might make a mistake, a task might turn out right or wrong, but we are honest. I cannot control every single person who works for the company. But if something is done badly, we repair it".

"People sometimes don’t realise how big a sacrifice the owner of a company has to make to keep things going. This is no easy task. In addition to their honesty, one of the things I like to highlight about Tito and Patricio is their effort to keep the business going. Even until this day they take great pains to keep the team together and they look after the employees. They taught me to have a long-term view".

Santiago Pérez

"Being a family-owned enterprise marks a difference considering the type of construction projects carried out by Norte. Our clients know that we are not there to do things badly and then disappear. We have a long history to back us up".

"From the founders we learnt the values they passed on to us. The value of integrity and honesty come naturally to them; they are not theoretical about these values but express them through their actions".

"The founders instilled in us the concept that Norte always fulfils its commitments, and that when there is a lot of work, when the company grows too much, it is important to know when to say ‘no’ in order to be able to fulfil the existing commitments".

Nicolás Boix

"Norte is a family-owned enterprise with long-standing experience, but young and strong in spirit. It has followed the country’s growth in recent years and of the construction industry in particular".

"Today Norte is a brand. Many hire us because our brand name sells well and because of the soundness of our work and our track record. Achieving this in the construction market can be very complex, so this is a real merit."

"Both of the founders are very hard workers, they are true examples. I admire their personality, their professionalism, values, transparency, and their correct manners. Norte has become what it is, thanks to how conservative they were at the time and the low-key attitude they have always had".

Felipe Boix