Barrio Norte


Director and Founder

"The neighbourhood Barrio Norte is also known as the 'neighbourhood with a soul'." - read more...


Characteristic of this complex are its housing typology and the inner space with the wisteria-covered pergola, where children play and adults gather to drink "mate" tea. This is the heart of the neighbourhood. In 1992 Barrio Norte was unanimously awarded the first prize by the jury, in the category "Private Housing Estate Project". This project has also been highlighted and included in two very important journals: "Arquitectura Latinoamericana en el siglo XX" (Latin American Architecture in the 20th Century) and "Historia del Arte Iberoamericano" (History of Ibero-American Art).

  • Location Maldonado
  • Construction Started 1980 - 1985
  • Type Apartment Building
  • Project Arq. Mariana Arana - Spallanzani-Couriel-Gravina
  • Constructed Area 13.800 m2